Crypto Film Fund Overview

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Crypto Film Fund Overview

Pioneering the Transformation of the Entertainment Industry with Crypto, Blockchain, and Smart-Contract Technologies

The Crypto Film Fund is a blockchain entertainment investment platform (BEIP) that will enable both institutional and individual investors to participate in the funding of cutting-edge projects in the entertainment industry utilizing new, digitized security assets via a Security Token Offering (STO).

Furthermore, The Crypto Film Fund (CFF) will resolve some of the most challenging problems plaguing the industry in Rights Management, Accounting, Payments, and Distribution by way of the platform’s decentralized blockchain and smart-contract technologies. Among the many benefits: transparency, trust, fairness, security, efficiency, and cost savings.

For STO Investing:

  • Investments will be tokenized with blockchain smart contracts.
  • Every transaction made on the CFF platform will be tracked by means of a distributed ledger – giving the ability to see investment in real-time.
  • The fund will be managed by seasoned veterans in the entertainment and finance sectors.


  • The CFF platform will enable both collaboration and production management through a secure, decentralized, cloud-based storage platform.
  • Creators will be able to easily track changes made by various team members using distributed ledger technology.
  • Digital copyrights, original ownership, and royalty rights will be tracked on the blockchain.
  • Automatic project payouts will happen instantly through smart contracts.


  • Creators will be able to register permissions, limitations, and structure to the way their product is distributed.
  • Content will be automatically released when certain conditions are met.
  • Revenue shares will be tracked via a distributed ledger.

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